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Scientific website optimization

Our head Software Engineer is a Psychology graduate too. We design apps and websites that Humans can use.


SEO isn't about injecting keywords anymore. Ranking up on google is a holistic approach. It includes SEO friendly blogs, backlinks, web speed optimization, Choosing your headers well..etc

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Our digital marketing strategies are different. We Test, Learn, then create accordingly


We focus on the whole sales Funnel. From the moment someone interacts with your brand, to the moment they become advocates for your brand.


Have you heard of the purple cow?
We have. That's how we do branding.


Want to have an e-commerce platform and sell online? We do it all. Create, manage, sell.

For startups

We follow the lean startup methodolgy

” Being an entrepneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death” -Elon Musk.

We help you make this process less painful, less damaging, and more fun.

For us, Launching a startup is a science. We study it, prototype it, test it, build it, and then grow it.


For Businesses

Growth Hacking your business

Businesses often reach a plateau in growth, or they grow on a very slow rate. We use Growth Hacking techniques to ensure your sales grow exponentially.

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