Email vs. Mobile Marketing: Which works better for you ?

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Here, we pick two very popular mediums: Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing and compare which one is better for your business. With a plethora of marketing mediums available to businesses, the question isn’t whether to switch to these mediums but which ones to switch to. The options are plenty, and companies should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each to ascertain which ones will serve them when it comes to achieving their marketing objectives.

As time progresses, so do our marketing mediums. Traditional modes of marketing are almost wiped out of all industries now and replaced with more modern mediums. Some of the more popular ones now are emails, mobiles, social media, and other interactive mediums.

Businesses have been struggling to keep up with the changing dynamics within the marketing industry. While it is not easy to switch to and strategize the inclusion of new marketing mediums, the successes of businesses depend on it. If they don’t keep up, they don’t have the chance to survive either.

The change hasn’t been bad, either. Modern modes of advertising and marketing are arguably cheaper than the traditional ones while giving businesses far greater reach in terms of flexibility, creative liberty, and the chance for interactivity.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an all-encompassing strategy that targets potential consumers for selling products and services through activities that are well-equipped for mobile viewing. It is ascertained that people of the newer generation specifically spend about 3 hours on average on their mobile phones. They carry it with them everywhere and view whenever a notification pops up.

Mobile marketing intends to exploit this growing trend and target their audience through a combination of SMS, MMS, social media, websites, and mobile apps.

Mobile marketing, as compared to email marketing, is still a medium that not many businesses properly invest in, despite it being the most effective one possibly. Everybody from teenagers to older generations owns a mobile phone.

Mobile notifications can be viewed wherever you are – whether you’re commuting to work, attending a wedding, over the weekend, in bed at night, or during your lunch break. Check out our blog on 5 mobile marketing tips to generate leads and increase sales!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most preferred mediums among professionals. Email marketing builds up targeted contact lists and sends targeted emails to people telling them about the product or service they are selling. Email marketing is formal and is one of the best ways to market in a business-to-business selling setting.

You can attach your subscription options, send discount vouchers, and add links to your business page in your email. However, there is a very high chance of your email getting lost in the hundreds of emails that people and businesses send to each other every day.

Even if the email reaches your consumer, there is a smaller chance that it will be opened and read. Moreover, the chances of emails being opened out of business hours are few.

Almost all businesses are involved in email marketing nowadays, but how successful it has been for them is the question. Email marketing, of the two, is cheaper, but it also allows the business to effectively market to only a few million people.

Before deciding which marketing medium to invest in, you must determine your target audience, budgets, and marketing objectives to choose a medium that will truly result in the most returns for your business.

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