5 Mobile Marketing Tips to Increase Sales

Mobile Marketing is being increasingly used for lead generation purposes

Smartphones have taken over the world as we know it. Customers are moving away from all other digital platforms and are spending their days shopping using their smartphones. In fact, so important are smartphones today that businesses have to make special considerations for mobile marketing.

This is increasingly difficult for small businesses, especially when they have to compete with much larger giants in the market. Effective Mobile Marketing is an easy way to increase sales and can help with lead generation. Here are 5 mobile marketing tips to increase sales.

1. Ask Yourself If You’re Ready

Before spending a lot on Mobile Marketing, first, ask yourself if you are prepared to invest in mobile marketing and deal with all that it entails.

If you cannot make the mobile experience fulfilling for your customers, there is little to no point in investing all that money. So only go ahead with it if you know for a fact that you are ready.

2. A Mobile-Friendly Website

These days, customers value convenience over everything else. They want any website they access to be easy to use from any device of their choosing. If, let’s say, your customer wants to shop from your website using their phone, but the website fails to cooperate, your customer is likely to get annoyed and leave.

So make sure that your company’s website is designed in a way that encompasses the advancements in mobile technology and stays up to date with any major changes.

3. Make Sure That Your Mobile Site Is Easy To Navigate

Make sure that if your Mobile Marketing entails redirecting your users away to an application, that application is easy to use. The application should be as simple to use as you can possibly manage. Any complications are entirely unnecessary and will only dissuade your customers from using the app.

Also, make sure that any content your customer chooses to access on the website should be as easy to download and navigate through as possible.

4.  Focus on Text Message Marketing

Text messages are an important form of marketing, but they are useful only if sent with caution. The frequency of your text messages is crucial. Too few and they won’t make any impact, too many and the customer is likely to get annoyed.

Start by sending only one text a month. Slowly increase this to one every two weeks then one every week but never go beyond this.

5. Encompass the Use of Social Media

Just because your focus is on mobile marketing does not mean that you should ignore the importance of social media marketing. Social media marketing continues to be relevant, and the best thing you can do is combine both of these marketing strategies for the greatest chance of success.

If you’re looking to include mobile marketing in your digital marketing strategy, using these 5 mobile marketing tips to increase sales is the way to go, whether you’re only a small business slowly starting up, or an older, more established business.