3 Tips To Grow Your Audience on Instagram Organically

tips on how to grow your audience on Instagram organically

You can grow your audience on Instagram and get your brand noticed among potential buyers that could be interested in your products or services. Nowadays, people use Instagram not only to keep in touch with their friends but also to follow with their favorite brands and shop online. Studies have mentioned that the majority of Instagram users search for a brand and 80 percent of them follow at least one brand on Instagram. Instagram became more than a platform to connect with friends, it is also a new way of shopping and following trends. 

If you have a business and you’re active on Instagram, there are two ways to grow your audience on Instagram organically: paid and organic ways. In this article, organic ways to grow your brand on Instagram will be shared, from which you can benefit and boost your business page.

1 . Create Engaging Content

In one of our articles, we’ve shared with you the power of knowing your audience as well as the potential objectives of your social media strategy. After mastering the two mentioned points, you will be able to identify which content your audience will like and therefore attract their attention by posting exactly what they want from you. By doing so, you will grow your audience on Instagram organically and will encourage people to interact with you. Throughout the article, you will be able to understand more about Instagram’s audience reach.

2 . Content Calendar 

We are in an era where scheduling software allows you to upload more than one month’s content for your Instagram account, and focus on other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Facebook creative studio for example does that for you! You can schedule posts ahead for both Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and don’t waste your time publishing every day. We strongly advise you to make small research to identify the best posting times in your industry to maximize your reach. Keep in mind that the goal of scheduling posts is to guarantee proactivity on your page and to increase your engagement. 

3 . Quantity of Quality followers 

What’s the point of having 30k followers and very low engagement? Would you trust a brand that has an Instagram page with hundreds of posts and weak engagement? That’s right, it will seem weird and not trustworthy to you! This is what your visitors will feel when entering your Instagram page if you keep prioritizing the number of followers over post engagement. On the other hand, few followers and high engagement speak a lot about your brand. The wisest strategy is to ensure engagement in your page, then look for a way to engage your followers. When brainstorming on a strategy to grow your audience on Instagram organically, you must always prioritize having quality followers and high engagement. That way, you guarantee that your business page conveys trust which will incite people to buy from you. 

4 . Instagram Hashtag Strategy 

Twitter might have invented Hashtags but Instagram made it viral and useful to increase engagement, grow your audience on Instagram, and ultimately sales. The first step is to search for relevant topics in your industry, which you can do through diverse social media tools (keyhole, Buzzsumo ..) Then, you can look for the most trending hashtags in those topics, which you will later use on your post to reach a broader audience. It is recommended to use 30 hashtags per post, which is the maximum, and include a variety of trending hashtags you found when doing your research. 

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