3 Common Facebook Ad Campaign Mistakes

Facebook Ad campaign tips

Some people say that a Facebook Ad campaign is the easiest action plans to increase your visibility and convert to sales, others would argue that it is a waste of time and money. Competent marketers will definitely tell you that if you haven’t yet started Facebook ads, it is time you do. Facebook Ads gives you the opportunity to grow your business. However, many people fell into Facebook Ad Campaign’s mistakes traps when creating their first campaign because it seems easier to follow the steps prior to publishing your ad, which can mislead you into deviating from your goal.

Launching a successful Facebook Ad Campaign is very feasible if you know what mistakes to avoid. Instead of searching for tips for rewarding Facebook Ad campaigns, it is very important to look at the mistakes that most people do, and ruin your effort to reach your objective. Let me guide you through the most common mistakes people make when launching their Facebook Ad campaign. 

1 . Lack of clear Objectives

Knowing your objectives before the start of the campaign would help you measure accurately if you are getting the desired results. And if things aren’t working as planned, you can decide to pause or change the parameters for your campaign instead of just wasting funds. 

Facebook Ads has many goals which you need to take into consideration before drafting your campaign. If you need more people to interact with your post, you have to do an engagement campaign, if you want to drive people to your website, you need a traffic campaign. Depending on what you want to reach, you can create your campaign. 

2 . Poor Audience Targeting

There are millions of users on Facebook, so there is a high likelihood that your content might get lost amongst a huge amount of content that is updated on the site daily.

Facebook Ads Campaign gives you the opportunity to choose your targeted audience based on demographics, geography, interests, and behavior characteristics. If you don’t choose the right audience for you, your ad will appear to the wrong people, and therefore it won’t bring you any valuable results. In this case, it is recommended to spend enough time choosing your targeted audience and testing its effectiveness. That way, you are sure it will bring you the best results.

3 . Abandoning your Facebook Ad Campaign

You want to make sure that your audience does not continue to see the same particular Ad every day. If you do not monitor your Ads, you wouldn’t know if your campaign is achieving the objectives you set it up for. It is very important to set the right KPIs for your campaign management, which will facilitate the evaluation of your ads, and draw the map for how you can improve. Among the most useful KPIs, are the conversion rate, Clicks, Reach, and the number of leads generated.

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